Lakshmi - Goddess of Wealth and Beauty

Goddess Lakshmi implies Good Luck to Hindus. "Lakshmi" is gotten from the Sanskrit word "Laksya", signifying "point" or 'objective', and she is the goddess of riches and thriving, both material and otherworldly. Lakshmi is the family unit goddess of most Hindu families, and a most loved of ladies. In spite of the fact that she is worshiped day by day, the merry month of October is Lakshmi's extraordinary month. Lakshmi Puja is praised on the full moon night of Kojagari Purnima. Lakshmi is delineated as an excellent lady of brilliant composition, with four hands, sitting or remaining on a full-sprouted lotus and holding a lotus bud, which remains for excellence, virtue, and richness. Her four hands speak to the four closures of human life: dharma or honesty, "kama" or wishes, "artha" or riches, and "moksha" or freedom from the cycle of birth and demise. The falls of gold coins are seen spilling out of her hands, proposing that the individuals who venerate her pick up riches. She generally wears gold weaved red garments. Red symbolizes movement and the brilliant covering shows flourishing. Lakshmi is the dynamic vitality of Vishnu, and furthermore shows up as Lakshmi-Narayan - Lakshmi going with Vishnu. Two elephants are frequently demonstrated remaining beside the goddess and splashing water. This means interminable exertion, as per one's dharma and administered by astuteness and immaculateness, prompts both material and profound thriving. 


The significance appended to the nearness of Lakshmi in each family unit makes her a basically residential divinity. Householders adore Lakshmi for the prosperity and success of the family. Specialists and ladies additionally respect her similarly and offer her day by day petitions. On the full moon night taking after Dusshera or Durga Puja, Hindus venerate Lakshmi formally at home, appeal to God for her endowments and welcome neighbors to go to the puja. It is trusted that on this full moon night the goddess herself visits the homes and renews the occupants with riches. An exceptional love is likewise offered to Lakshmi on the favorable Diwali night. 

Lakshmi has various names and various old Stotram and Sutras of Hinduism discuss her different names

  • Padma: Lotus-tenant 
  • Kamala: Lotus-tenant 
  • Padmapriya: One who likes lotuses 
  • Padmamaladhara devi: One who wears a festoon of lotuses 
  • Padmamukhi: One whose face is as wonderful as a lotus 
  • Padmakshi: One whose eyes are as delightful as a lotus 
  • Padmahasta: One who holds a lotus 
  • Padmasundari: One who is as excellent as a lotus 
  • Sri: Goddess Sri Lakshmi, Opulence 
  • Srija: Jatika of goddess Lakshmi
  • Jagadishwari: Supreme Mother who manages the universe 
  • Vishnupriya: One who is the cherished of Vishnu 
  • Ulkavahini: One who rides an owl
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